Writers are often cursed with loneliness and doubt. Don’t let it defeat you.

Riya M. Cyriac

Writer doubt is a serious problem with us writers, and it’s totally normal. That doesn’t mean you should let it control you. It’s good to doubt your skills sometimes, it keeps us humble and keen on our work, but when it gets out of hand, the doubt stops us as writers. We wonder why we’re not making it and compare ourselves to people that are, and it really sucks. It hurts and stunts our growth. Here are five tips to tackle Self-Doubt.

1. Give Your Writing a Rest.

There are days we’re just not feeling it. We look at our writing with disgust and anger, thinking we’re not good enough, but we are. Our skills will improve and with perseverance, we’ll make it. That’s why we need some breaks to care for ourselves and spend time on our families. Read a good book, watch some TV, bake some cookies, go to a spa, but just get your head off writing for a day or two until you crave it again.

2. Look at Your Writing as a Process, Not a Product.

Often times, we see our writing as a future product that we’ll send to the world. When we think of it that way, then we get disappointed, seeing how it’s not meeting up to the standard we envision or see. When we gear our thinking towards seeing our work as a process, rather than a product. We are going to improve our writing with each round of editing, we’re gonna get fresher ideas later, but it’s a process. No one is born a good writer, so keep your spirits up. You’re gonna be okay.

3. Get a Good Support Group

People will tell you that nobody cares about your writing until you’re something, and while that’s true, it doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of writers out there in a place like you. There are communities out there on all social media platforms where there are people that will read your work, help you improve, give you tips, and support you and your ideas.

I am on Wattpad, in a lot of book clubs and such. Then, on writing groups on Twitter and Instagram. It really keeps me grounded with good support. Go onto those platforms and get a good support group.

4. Diversify Your Writing

Writing the same thing over and over again really puts you in writer’s block. There’s a point where you don’t want to see it anymore, and you can’t help but feel so inadequate in your ability. A simple solution: diversify your writing. Broaden your interests and abilities by stepping into different genres and styles. Try short stories, poems, character pieces, aesthetics, articles, blogs, or others. Not only does it give you a break, it broadens your skills, making you a better writer.

5. Trust Yourself

You’re a great writer. You’re blossoming and you’re a star. You need to believe in yourself and trust yourself. You’re on your journey, don’t fret about the destination, Self-Doubt can only be tackled by one person: you. Hold your horses, start writing, and chase your dreams.

How do you tackle self-doubt? Was this blog helpful?

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