the moon rises to her throne in the night sky,
a call to her sons and daughters
the one million stars twinkling up high
the sun takes his rest after his day of thrills
coddled within valleys
hidden behind hills
the cacophony of space
the quiet mystery that it holds
each constellation is a whisper
a secret yet to be told.
a large, wealthy family with millions chasing their symphony,
watching the night coat the earth with serendipity.
moon watches the children cuddle their pillows
and the mothers toiling away
the father absorbing the TV
he hadn’t seen all day
and there is a child, barely sixteen
whose eyes glimmer with the ambition to succeed.
A girl with a heart of gold
and skin made of steel.
there is a fire in her bones
that ignites the insanity in her soul
a relentless determination saying
one day, my story will be told
It’s a story yearning for a reader
just waiting for ears to listen
it’s a dream fading away
but not quite too distant.

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