Often as writers, we focus on…writing, as expected, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t focus on our readers too. They delibertly read, critique, and enjoy your work, so this year, give back to your readers in these cheap, inexpensive ways.

Host a Giveaway

Now you may be asking, Riya, how is that cheap? Well, it depends on what you give away. If you’re a published author, perhaps you can giveaway some copies of your works to your readers!

  1. Give away your book!
  2. If you do graphic design, give away free book covers. Many readers aspire to be writers.
  3. Offer editing services to the winner.
  4. Give away something inexpensive, such as bookmarks, merchendise, or packages of gifts.

Whatever you decide to giveaway, your fans will be happy with it, and it’s a great way to engage your audience.

Host a Contest

Many of your readers aspire to be something, whether it be an author, an artist, or a graphic designer. Either way, people love hobbies and love to nurture them, so give them oppertunities. Make a short story contest, a poetry slam, an art drive, etc. to engage your wonderful audience. You could even theme this like your book.

Tell Them How Much You’re Thankful For Them

Sometimes all it takes is to simply tell someone how much their support matters to you. As a writer, much of your sucess depends on the strength of your reader base. They voluntarily read your work, help you out, and enjoy reading. That’s a beautiful thing, and it’s important to tell them how much that means to you.

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