Introduction To The Topic

There has been much to say about this topic. Music is such a useful and inspirational tool, but it comes with certain negatives including lack of focus, distraction, and a reduced quality of work. The statistics lean towards the direction of not listening to music when doing important things, but it also does show increased creativity. Statistics, though, are based off a sample population, and you may not represent the results of that statistic, so you ought to try it out for yourself when it comes to writing.

Music Is Where Creativity Blooms

Music provides a certain ambience and sets the mood, especially when writing. I sincerely believe that having music playing lightly in the background while your writing can really shift your mood and significantley change the portrayal of your words. A prime example is my use of battle music when I am writing a particularily or emotional scene. Nothing can get me in the mood more than the crescendoing drums that portray the accumulation of one’s emotions. It seems that when I listen to music that holds a certain purpose, my writing reflects it.

Lyrics or No Lyrics?

The research clearly says that music with lyrics is often distrcting to the brain because it engages multiple aspects of it, otherwise known as multitasking. The fact of the matter is that nobody is truly a multi-tasker. Instead, they are comprimising the quality of their work in order to do more that one thing. I always go for no lyrics. To find music like this, just search on google: (type of mood) instrumental music. I always find really good playlists this way.

When Should You Listen to Music While Writing

My generation has the inclination to listen to music at any instance, including while doing their homework, learning new material, and even creative tasks. The fact of the matter is that if you are learning something, reading something, or doing homework, music can severely slow you down and affect your comprehesion of the material.

If you are writing, start by choosing a playlist, putting it at a lower volume, and immersing yourself into the writing. The music shouldn’t be the front and foremost, the writing should. Instead, music should set the mood and be like a sprinkle of inspiration in the air

This is a link to my action and emotional playlist

I hope this helped in some way. Now…get writing!

Riya M. Cyriac

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