This is a handful of poems from my soul in my weariest time, when everything within me seems to die. I hope you can also relate with some of the emotions that I’ve felt in my past, and realize that while your soul may be restless, your endurance will prevail. This is an excerpt from a poetry book I am working on.

As The Storm Rolls In

The waves began to roll in 
Tranquill and gentle
Yet underneath the fish stirred with unrest. 
I tighten the ropes and flex the sails
Yet the wind whips stronger
The ropes are slipping out of my fingers and 
And the waves amass into oceans 
Cold and cruel and daunting
A flash of light
A crack of thunder
A simple warning that
Nothing will be the same

What Do You Want To Be?

They ask me
What do you want to be when you’re older
when I know they seek to know
which profession will you settle into
so that your family can be proud

I must be realistic
but also aim high
anything less than a professional 
won’t get me far in life

So what do I want to be? 
A simple woman with simple dreams
is respectable and approachable
But no, I am bound by my desire to reach higher that my short arms can extend
I am trapped in that feeling that
If I do not change the world,
I have failed my purpose

Thus, I’ve realized that it is not a profession I seek
but something to fill the gap in my confidence
something to put my soul at ease

As long as my legs are strong and my heart is pounding
I wish to impart my impact onto this world
though i have nothing to say

They ask me
What do you want to be when you’re older
I have one answer

I want to be at peace.

Positive Commotion

Isn’t it funny
how life is simply a series of motions and
by our death, we’ve served no purpose

What could I do to make a wave in an ocean
to bring about positive commotion

2 thoughts on “A Handful Of Poems For The Restless Soul

  1. I love these. They’re all a little different from one another. “What Do You Want to Be?” is so poignant, and one I can relate to. I look forward to reading more of these by you, Riya.


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