1. The world is not against you. Gravity’s intent is not to keep you down, but keep you grounded, and its effects are universal.
  2. No matter how successful you get, no matter how accomplished you are, you will never be happy until you are content.
  3. Being content does not mean being stagnant, nor does it mean being immobile. Those who are content do progress, but they do not stress.
  4. No matter how good you are at something, someone will always be better.
  5. Jealousy festers from the deepest, darkest part of your heart and reflects your own unhappiness with yourself. Confident people are not jealous people.
  6. Many people have passions and loves. Writing is the song of the soul, and melody of my own, and when I neglect it for falsely concieved notions of priotrities, I bury a part of myself.
  7. The more time you spend doubting the impossible, the less time you have to make it possible.
  8. Not having enough time is nothing but an excuse for unproductivity.
  9. No one will love you more than your family. If that is not the case, no one will love you more than that one person. You’re thinking of them right now. Never lose them.
  10. Define what success is to you. Put goals in place. Never wait for tommorow. Tommorow is not guaranteed to anyone.
  11. No one can take away your rights to your body, your soul, and your mind. Everything else you must protect with your voice and your life.
  12. Everyone around you is hurting or aching from the pains of living. Some simply have a cut, others have a fracture. Decide what you have and excerise empathy.
  13. Make kindness a habit, not a response. There are times were we respond to tragety with kindess yet revert back to our childish behaviors characterized by irrationality and blaming. If kindness was a habit, it would not need to be a response.There is that person who needs a lifeline. There is a person who you will regret not talking to like I. There is a person that stays with you, that you see passing by, that you want to help, but feel like you can’t. Feel bad that you didn’t do anything. Feel so bad that you would make sure to never let it happen again.
  14. Human nature is programmed so that we constantly strive to improve ourselves. We should not fear the time when the revolutions rise, but when they die, for then our spirits have died as well. Fight for what you believe, and fight with all you have.
  15. In my darkest hours, no friend, no man, no woman, can comfort me. Only two things act like a blanket when I am coated in icy bitterness: God and my family.
  16. Pursue your passions as if it is your last day to live, as if you do not start today, you may lose your chance to start forever.
  17. You are more than your successes and failures. You are more than your successes and failures. You are more than your successes and failures. You are more than your successes and failures.

Why is it that I can’t believe that one yet?

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