A small collection of poems by Riya M. Cyriac

After all these years
I’m beginning to question why
I chased those dreams, those phony dream-like lies.
Or if I had a dream at all
And simply succumbed to the pressures of matching up
To the ambition I saw in my peers

I need not to secure my space at an ivy league
Or grow to be a person engraved in history books
I am content, I can say, 
With the averageness of my existence

Ignorance is not bliss
Avergeness is. 
If one is average, if they settle where the cotton is warm
They will be trapped in the cycle of satisfaction
They won’t crave more like I do
They won’t despair as much as I

But why? I am average yet I carry myself otherwise
All I want is a crackling fireplace, 
One boy and two girls
And a man who will respect me for who I am

All I want is to be satisfied. May the light of the lighthouse lead me in that way.


I do not fear the ocean because
the ocean does not fear me.
whether I fear it or not, or run from its calls
it always resembled the beat of my heart.

its restless spirits and coursing waves
coax the shrimp onto shore and beasts to caves.
strong and just, mighty and free
the ocean lavishes in liberty.

so like it, I shall be the sovereign of my heart
survivor of odds
and fearful of none.

Finish Line

I will run to the finish line if it
calls my name and bolt 
through the valleys, bold and 
untame. Neither the wind nor 
the sea shall keep me at the 
piers. Nor the sun or the 
moon shall call forth my 

By Riya M. Cyriac

I hope that you liked this excerpt from my upcoming poetry book. More information about that will be out soon.

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