Disclaimer: this is my opinon from my personal findings

For the past couple of years, there has been an swell in the consumption and creation of poetry, and as an aspiring poet myself, I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

From a general perspective, the answer is simple, and doesn’t require a research paper of sorts, but there is more depth to the shift in culture. Instapoetry is simply more accessible. Lauded “instapoets” like Rupi Kaur, author of the best selling “milk and honey” poetry collection, have a distinct, aesthetic style and easily understandable tone that resonates deeply with readers. Not only that, but said “instapoets” make the message of their poetry clear, not bothering with interlaced metaphors or metaphysical language seen in traditional poetry.

That distinction is crucial when examining the shift. As a generation, we have been raised in the internet world, consuming bit sized pieces of everything: videos, art, games, even poetry. We are an instant gratification driven society that enjoys these bit sized poems that resonate with the deepest, darkest parts of ourselves, not only the child within who likes to dance within Prarie Feilds and delve into complex poetry that not even I can understand.

There is something particularly beautiful about tradition poetry, the way it moves and shifts with interpretation. While instapoetry resonates with our buried emotions, it seldom awakens the different aspects of our personalities. Traditional poems tend to be layered, their meaning buried deep underneath the poet’s manuverings of syntax, structure, rhyme, rhythm, and style, and the perplexing imagery that is enhanced by figuarative language. Will the investigator come out, or the gentle soul that simply wants to be swayed by beautiful words?

But often days, I have noticed that our generation, espeically me, has lost tolerance and patience. Why dissect a poem when we have access to sweet rhythemic words that dictate meaning from the moment you read them, words that make us feel so strongly, words that seem to creep into our psyche and find the place that it hurts.

Nevertheless, popularity wise, instapoets are taking over the scene, whether for better or for worse. How do y’all feel about that?



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